Long Plain Cadet Explorers

The MFNP/Long Plain Cadet Explorers started in October of 2015 just prior to MFNP taking over the policing services in this community.  The program offers structured supervised activities that teach discipline, leadership and teamwork.  It is an afterschool program once a week for youth ages 10-15 years.   

This program must satisfy the interests of our young people so they will participate on a regular basis and find a sense of belonging in the group.  We needed to eliminate any barriers to attendance so the program provided transportation, staff leaders for support and mentorship, no cost for activities and a free canteen. 

We have a variety of activities that focus on sports/recreation, culture, education, police studies, nutrition and healthy lifestyles.  We schedule sports clinics with certified coaches/players in lacrosse and archery and have had winter safety and survival training with a certified firearms/hunting safety instructor.   

We encourage the youth to discover new interests and talents as well as to have input into the choice of activities like field trips and tours.     

We have developed community partnerships to help deliver the program with a shared vision and desired results.

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