Lacrosse Program

Lacrosse clinics have been part of our youth programs since the beginning.  We have been developing the skills of youth over the years in this sport, which has become our sport of choice.  In Canada we have two official sports, hockey as a winter sport and lacrosse as a summer sport.  Lacrosse allows us the opportunity to improve the health and fitness of the youth by offering an organized sport program that will encourage teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship.  The game of lacrosse has deep historical roots.  Originally it was played to honor the Creator, or to honor elders, or to settle disputes among Nations and it was considered a healing ceremony.  Truth and Reconciliation involves the receiving of correct knowledge on the history of colonization.  The knowledge of the medicine game and ceremonies disappeared in the 1800’s when many First Nations wound up in residential schools.  Much culture and language were lost as a result of separation from family.  To be educated on their culture and heritage of the game will also give our youth a sense of identity, belonging, pride and increased self-esteem.

MFNP Crime Prevention has developed a partnership with Manitoba Aboriginal Sport and Recreation Council (MASRC) to provide these sports clinics to our youth programs and schools to encourage interest and skill development.  These clinics have been instructed by skilled players and certified coaches that have taught introductory and intermediate lessons and practice in game play.  Our MFNP/Long Plain Cadet Explorers participated in the LAX Bash Lacrosse tournament the “Two Rivers Cup” at the Forks in the Winnipeg on Canada Day in 2018 and 2019.

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