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Crime Prevention in our communities

The MFNP Crime Prevention programs and services is about youth and community initiatives.  The goal of our youth programming is to build programs that engage the youth in healthy activities that influence positive behaviours.  We offer structured, supervised after school programs with a variety of activities with an emphasis on sports, culture, education and healthy living. These youth programs are well established and our partnerships delivering these programs have helped in sustaining them – Long Plain School, Isaac Beaulieu Memorial School, Health Centres, Manitoba Aboriginal Sport and Recreation Council, and Manitoba Justice -Lighthouses Program for funding.  The Police Service is able to provide transportation, free canteen and hire community members for supervision and mentorship.  We have groups of youth that participate once a week in skill building activities related to lacrosse, archery as well as other sports, field trips, presentations and police studies.  We engage the youth with meaningful and beneficial learning activities, provide new learning opportunities, positive role modeling and good life choices.  We continuously strive to meet the needs and address concerns of our young people through their input into the program content and design.  Most importantly we must make it interesting and fun so youth will feel safe, welcome and want to participate.  This is a vital component of prevention. 

The MFNP and Crime Prevention participate in many community events, workshops, and awareness walks on a regular basis in addition to specific requests or invitations.  We support initiatives in the communities to raise awareness on a number of important campaigns especially those that ensure the criminal justice system meets the needs and concerns of the First Nation Communities.  

We are able to bring our MFNP display and information table and promotional items to any community event including Career Fairs, Health Fairs, Resource meetings, Treaty Days, Wellness clinics, School presentations and Ceremonial events. The Co-ordinator also assists in Community Development planning and completing applications and proposals in order to continue and to expand our services. 

Crystal Methamphetamine has become a crisis in our province and in our First Nation Communities. Crime Prevention has prepared presentations that will educate and create awareness on the increased use of this very dangerous and addictive drug.   We all need to work together to combat this crisis for safer communities.  It involves Harm Reduction, Prevention, Treatment and Enforcement. 

There is evidence that well-planned prevention strategies not only prevent crime and victimization, but also promote community safety and contribute to social development.  Research has also shown that substance use is significantly reduced when youth are involved in effective and culturally appropriate programs.  Recreational opportunities and initiatives that invest in young people are a well-established risk strategy to reduce crime and to build youth resilience. 

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