Criminal Record Checks

Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Checks 

Criminal Record Checks and Vulnerable Sector Checks, can be downloaded here on our website, or you can attend to the Detachment in your community.  Most employers or Volunteer Communities now require at minimum the Criminal Record Check to be completed.  A Vulnerable Sector check is required for anyone that will be working or volunteering with Vulnerable Persons (e.g. Children under 18 years of age, Elderly or Mentally Handicapped). Once you have completed these forms, you will require 2 pieces of government issued ID, one will have to have a picture of you.  Applicable ID are as follows: 

Driver’s Licence; 
Manitoba Health; 
Status Card; 
Manitoba ID Card; 
Travel Visa; 
Refugee Status Card; 
Landed Immigrant Card; 
Baptismal Certificate; 
Manitoba Firearms Certificate 

 You will then take the Consent forms, along with your ID to your local detachment.  There is a charge for Criminal Record Check/Vulnerable Sector.  Since these are done together, the charge is the total for both.  

Cost for Criminal Record/Vulnerable Sector Checks:  

Birdtail Detachment; Canupawakpa Detachment; Long Plain Detachment; Sandy Bay Detachment; Swan Lake Detachment; Roseau River Detachment; Waywayseecappo Detachment – Cost: $10.50 (collected on behalf of the Province of Manitoba) 

Opaskwayak Detachment – Cost: $20.00. (collected on behalf of the Province of Manitoba and Opaskwayak Cree Nation) 

Your Criminal Record/Vulnerable Sector check should be ready within 1-3 business days. 

If your reply to the above requires fingerprints, you will need to attend to your local detachment and have your fingerprints submitted electronically.  The cost will be $25.00 and is collected on behalf of the Receiver General of Canada.  This must be paid before your fingerprints are obtained.  A certified cheque or money order will be required and must be made out to the “Receiver General of Canada”. 

If you would like to Declare your Criminal Record, you will need to inquire your local detachment.  You will need to know your exact charges, date of charges and the outcome of your court appearance to complete this Declaration.  If you are uncertain of any of these, you will not be able to complete this Declaration. 

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