Eagle Staff

As indicated on the front page, the Eagle Staff has been carried through many communities over the summer, supporting and being supported by the Pow Wow trail and many dancers and drummers.  We’d like to share a little about the making of the Eagle Staff. The Eagle Staff was created   especially for MFNPS Officers and staff, elders, parents, students, children and residents of the communities.

The Eagle Staff was made with actual lanyards that the Officers wear on their uniforms. (Yellow–Senior Officer, White – Constable, Red – Officers Tunic wear) The colours used are from the colours of MFNPS: Black, White, Brown, Yellow and Red. The Eagle Staff also has the MFNPS Officers uniform patch and logo insignia, as well as, actual ribbon that is used on MFNPS Officer uniforms.

The Eagle Staff represents our “MFNPS Family”, as our Eagle Staff is one way to support the cultural and traditions of the communities we serve, while sharing blessings and keeping communities safe for everyone.

We look forward to the upcoming travels with the many Pow Wows and with the Crime Prevention Team.  The Crime Prevention team will have the Eagle Staff on their travels to communities, during their community visits and trade show exhibits.

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