National Victims of Crime

This is an annual event our Police Service provides for our community members on a variety of topics that are of interest and concern to First Nation Communities.  Our goal is to raise awareness and enhance information, access and cultural sensitivity of victim issues while honoring the victims and survivors, their families and our First Nation Communities.

In the absence of a dedicated Victims Unit our Police Service is fortunate to receive financial support from the Department of Justice Canada so we may host these events that bring together our community stakeholders, the general public, health and wellness representatives, elders, victim service providers, women’s advocacy groups/organizations and government affiliates, tribal council and leadership.  Each event we have had excellent speakers, each with their own personal experience and training on the topic area.  We offer lunch that is locally catered and we have our members assist with the activities.   We conclude the day with give away items that participants can take home as souvenirs.  

We look forward to when these gatherings can be safely done again.  The MFNP has hosted the following events for National Victims and Survivors of Crime Week: 

2012 “New Beginnings – A Path Forward from Victim to Victor” 
2013 “Strengthening the Circle – We all have a Role in Restorative Justice”
2014 “Lateral Violence in Cyberspace – Taking Positive Action to Build Community”
2015 “Shaping the Future Together – Changing the Path of Crime and Victimization” 
2016 “The Power of our Voices to Inspire Youth to be Survivors”
2017 “Empowering Resilience – Proud to Be Stand Strong Walk Free”
2018 “Transforming the Journey of Grief”
2019 “The Power of Collaboration -Break the Silence End the Violence”
2020 “Celebrating Courage – Renewing our Commitment to First Nations”
*Pictures of posters x 8 are on separate files 2012 – 2019
Pic here of NVCW –restorative justice
Pic of presenters Sheila North & Kevin Tacan

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