Recruitment Information

Manitoba First Nations Police Service is in search of motivated, energetic persons with high integrity to fill vacancies with the Police Service.  The recruitment is open to new recruits and experienced constables through the Lateral Entry Police Officers Program. 

In order to maintain our goals and objectives and to meet the requirements of the national policing standards, the following pre-requisites have been implemented: 


  • Canadian citizen; 
  • Minimum Age; 18 years; 
  • Physically fit, good muscular development with an above average level of Canadian Fitness Standard; 
  • Must possess and/or able to obtain a valid Class IV (4) Manitoba Driver’s Licence; 
  • Grade XII (12) education or equivalent GED; 
  • Good character; 
  • Knowledge of First Nations Cultures, customs & traditions; 
  • Understanding or capable of conversing in any Aboriginal language would be an asset; 
  • Applicants to meet all security standards and possess no criminal record (pardons will be considered); 
  • Meet vision standards, as set out by the Canadian Ophthalmological Society and in all cases, vision must be correctable with aids to 20/20 in one eye and 20/30 in the other eye; 
  • Must meet medical and hearing standards; 

 Application Package: 

Applicants must provide the requested documentation to Inspector of Support Services: 

  • Cover letter & Resume; 
  • Two (2) written Letters of Reference; 
  • Criminal Record Check; 
  • Child Abuse Registry Check; 
  • Consent to Release Waiver; 
  • Background Disclosure Form; 
  • Recruitment Application Package; 
  • Personal Disclosure Package; 
  • Medical Examination Report; 
  • Hearing Report; 
  • Vision Report 

 New Recruits: 
Currently we have been recruiting from the Enhanced Public Safety Studies Program at Assiniboine Community College which is supported by the Brandon Police Service.  The Program is an intensive 8-month preparation program (Phase A Training) for individuals whom are wanting to pursue a law enforcement career.   In addition to accepting the program from Assiniboine Community College, we also will accept Policing degrees from the Ontario Police College Program and Atlantic Police College Program.   

These programs have been designed to provide police candidates with exposure to the many varied aspects of policing, including the study of police powers of arrest and procedures, community policing, physical training, conflict management, interviewing and investigations involving youth. These “Phase A” Training programs are recognized by the Manitoba Justice Department as accredited Police candidate training programs in conjunction with “Phase B” training. The successful candidate, once hired by Manitoba First Nations Police Service, will proceed to the next step, Phase B. Phase B includes an additional six weeks of training in areas of Driving, Firearms, and Control Tactics. 

**Additional in-service training is offered through the Canadian Police College in Ottawa, Brandon Police Service, Winnipeg Police Service, RCMP, Provincial Office of the Fire Commission, First Nations Chiefs of Police Association and Canadian Police Knowledge Network. ** 

Lateral Entry Applicants: 
Manitoba First Nations Police Service have developed this competition information and application package for Experienced Police officers wanting to work for Manitoba First Nations Police Service.  Information and documents required from an applicant to be considered in the competition are outlined on this webpage and in the application package. 

Note: Manitoba First Nations Police Service reserve the right to amend the process should it be deemed necessary. 

Step 1 – The Application Process 

The application process for the experienced officer competition requires the submission of multiple forms. All the necessary forms are attached. Applications must be completed before the applicant will be considered for advancement in the competition. The minimum qualifications for applicants are: 

  • must be 18 years of age or older; 
  • must be legally entitled to work in Canada; 
  • must be fluent in the English language; 
  • completed Grade 12, GED, or Mature Student; 
  • completed a recognized Police Recruit training program, subject to review by Manitoba First Nations Police Service to determine fit with the standards of our Police Service and Province of Manitoba Justice; 
  • serving members of a recognized Police Service or has served with a recognized Police Service during the last year; 
  • valid Class 4 Province of Manitoba drivers license or equivalent; 
  • driving record acceptable to Manitoba First Nations Police standards; 
  • meet vision, hearing, and training standards; 
  • discipline record acceptable to Manitoba First Nations Police Service standards 

Applications and accompanying documentation will be reviewed to ensure it meets the qualifications. 

Application Form 

Along with submitting their cover letter and resume, each applicant is required to complete the application forms above. 


The education level required to compete is a minimum Grade 12 standing, G.E.D., or Mature Student standing. Proof of graduation is required in the form of a certificate or diploma. A transcript in place of a diploma is only acceptable if it contains a statement signed by the principal attesting to graduation requirements having been met. If that statement does not appear, it will not be accepted as proof of Grade 12 standing. 

Applicants who have successfully completed other post-secondary education should attach documentation with respect to graduation. 

Training Documentation 
Applicants must, at a minimum, have successfully completed a recruit standard training course deemed to be acceptable by Manitoba First Nations Police Service. A syllabus of the recruit standard training course must be submitted with your application. Attach course certificates with your application. 

Field experience is an asset. 

Applicants must provide a variety of references for background purposes. References must be competent to judge your character, temperament, and work habits. They must have a definite knowledge of your qualification and fitness for the position of Police Officer. 

Applicants must also answer a variety of bona fide questions in order for the background investigators. 

Driving Record 
Applicants are required to have a valid Class 4 driver’s license. As good driving habits and ability are important traits in police officers, applicants will be subject to the scrutiny of their driving record. You must include with your application, a photocopy of your driver’s license and an original driver’s abstract.  The fee for obtaining the driver’s abstract is borne by the applicant. 

Applicants with more than four (4) demerits as assessed by Manitoba First Nations Police Service will not be accepted into the competition. 

If at any time during the competition process, there are changes in your driving record they must be reported to the Competition Administrator. Applicants with more than 4 demerits may be disqualified at this point. 

Step 2 – The Skills Assessment Examination 
Applicants accepted into the competition will be contacted to attend the skills assessment examination at our Portage la Prairie Headquarters. The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions on the Criminal Code in the areas of the application of investigation procedures, powers of arrest, release procedures, search and seizure, and use of force along with questions on the Charter of Rights.

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